A Stress Test is also known as Exercise Stress Test. This test shows how heart works during rigorous physical activities. Because, during the hard exercises heart pump blood harder and faster. Stress Test shows how heart is healthy and reveals the problems about blood flow within heart. Dr Jadhav’s Heart Care has latest treatment facility.

During this Test, Cardiologist asks patient to walk on a treadmill and electrocardiogram (EKG) machine connected to the patient. This allows doctor to monitor heart rate, breathing pattern, blood pressure and heart rhythm. Hence this test is also called Treadmill test.

Benefits of Stress Test:

  • To Detect Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Coronary arteries are major blood vessels which supply blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart. Coronary artery diseases (CAD) occur when the arteries get damaged due to the deposition of plaques into the artery. Hence blood supply to the heart is affected. Stress test is useful to detect CAD.

  • To Diagnose Heart Rhythm Problems (Arryhthmias)

 In Arrhythmias disease, heart beats too fast or too slows creating irregular heartbeats. This test easily detects these irregular heartbeats.

  • To Guide In The Treatment of Heart Disorders

If patient has been already diagnosed with heart disorders then this test is very helpful for doctors to find out how well a specific treatment is working. This test helps doctor to decide an accurate treatment plans. Doctor can also use a Stress Test to determine the best timing of cardiac surgery, such as valve replacement. In some people with heart failure, tests results are very helpful for the doctor to decide whether patient needs a heart transplant and other advanced therapies or not.

Preparation of Stress Test

  • First of all, Doctor performs complete physical examination and asks for medical history for taking precautions during test.
  • Patient should inform doctor about diabetes and blood pressure level. Doctor also checks blood pressure and blood sugar level before test.
  • Patient should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Patient should stop smoking, alcohol and medicines before exercise test.

Procedure of stress Test

  • ECG or EKG machine is attached to the patient before stress test. Doctor checks breathing and heart rate before starting of exercise test.
  • Several sticky pads will be attached to patient’s body under the clothes.
  • Doctor ask patient to start walking slowly on a treadmill. The speed and grade of treadmill is increases slowly as the test continues.
  • Patient should inform doctor in case of any problems during stress test such as fatigue, chest pain, weakness or knee pain.
  • Doctor ask patient to stop test after getting satisfied results.
  • Doctor continuously monitors patient’s breathing and heart rate after the test.

After the successful Stress Test, doctor reviews results along with patient. This test shows irregular heart rhythms or other symptoms that indicate coronary artery disease such as blocked arteries. If cardiologist diagnoses coronary artery disease or other heart problems then doctor starts treatment or order more tests, such as a nuclear stress test for better results.